A Simple Guide to Mekong River Cruises

Stretching over 2700 miles, the Mekong River is a major landmark in South East Asia. It has shaped the history, geography and culture of the people living alongside its banks for generations. The River Straddles several countries. There is the Upper Mekong rising from the Tsinghai Province in China and flowing east through Tibet and the Yunnan province in China.  Then there is the Lower Mekong River which separates Myanmar and Laos and Laos and Thailand. Laotian capital, Vientiane and Cambodian capital Phnom Penh both lie on the banks of the Mekong River.  The River then drains into the South China Sea which is situated South of Vietnam’s capital Ho Chi Minh City. Mekong River cruises which take travelers to varied destinations in the South East Asian countries through which the Mekong passes is now a popular tourist attraction particular if you have a keen interest in the people’s, cultures as well as the sights and sounds of this region.

mekong river cruises

Tourists planning to come for the Mekong River Cruises can generally choose from varied itineraries as well as the choice of the style and type of ship that they wish to cruise in. There are river cruises from Siem Reap which is situated in the northwest part of Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City. You could also cruise Saigon to Siem Reap or Siem Reap to Phnom Penh depending on your desired experiences. This is a very scenic route that is also full of some great cities, scenic rural communities and floating villages which are a characteristic of this part of the world.  You will also see lots of floating markets and endless fields of rice paddies, temples and pagodas. It is quite an exhilarating experience.

One of the main highlights of the Mekong River  cruises is visiting the Angkor Wat situated in the northwestern part of Cambodia. This is the most popular attraction in Cambodia and refers to a series of 12th century stone structures which are quite ornate.  They characters look like elongated beehives and are situated near a jungle in Siem Reap. It is a temple complex that is quite a wonder. You could visit it as many as ten times and still marvel at the wonder.

Cruise Lines on the Mekong

There are lots of cruise lines that you can take when you are planning to explore this part of the world. A lot of the ships cruising Siem Reap and Saigon are relatively new and have been tastefully designed. They recreate the era of colonial luxury when the French ruled this part of the world. There are river steamers that can accommodate as few as 20 people or as many as a hundred.

The cabins in river ships when you are planning to cruise Vietnam Cambodia routes are both comfortable and quite practical.  In the recent times, there have been additions of more exclusive luxurious steamships catering for the luxury travelers. The Mekong River cruise company will generally organize several details of the itinerary including entry visas. Tickets generally include the entrance fees for the various countries in which you will pass through during your Mekong cruises. Also included in the price are the English language guides, soft drinks, at least three daily meals, tea and even mineral water.

It is important to note that the Mekong River cruises will take several days. There are three-day cruises and even seven-day cruises that begin from Siem Reap all the way to the Ho Chi Minh City.The journey is always filled with lots of adventures and in some places, the river flow can be variable. For additional information or reservations on Mekong river cruises, check out http://www.cfmekong.com/.

Tips on Choosing the Best GAP Year Program for 2016

Are you wondering how you are going to spend your GAP Year in 2016? Well, there are numerous ways in which you can have the best experience in various counties across Asia. For many people, making the decision on what to do, where to go and even how to afford your GAP Year can be a bit overwhelming. These programs are generally quite fulfilling for participants and they also contribute towards a positive impact in the world and for the individuals involved in the programs. However, a gap year may also not be a great fit for some students and their families. Here are some useful tips on how you can choose the best option that will be right for you:-

What do you want from your Gap Year?

This is one of the things that you should answer before you even begin prospecting for opportunities. This program has been created to offer students the opportunity to get some real world experience outside their classrooms in ways that will help lead fulfilling and more meaningful lives. They are primers that help students arrive at their colleges feeling more enthusiastic and also more confident to tackle some of the issues that matter to them the most. Going onto these programs before heading to college feels gives students an edge that will enable them to take full advantage of their college opportunities and also make sure that their college years really pay off.

There are various programs that you can get yourself into such as volunteering in India or taking advantage of Bali travel deals to travel to and explore Bali. To pick the best program, you have to clearly map out both your needs and interests. It is also important to discuss your Gap plans with members of your family as well as career counselor.

Here are some important questions that you can ask yourself when you are planning to for a Gap Year program:-

·         How do you want to learn and grow so that you can arrive at college ready for the challenge?

·         What kind of support as well as experiences do you think will help you achieve this goal? Do you feel you need some “real world” experience, inspiration, confidence in your academic abilities or a combination of all of these?

·         How do you want to learn primarily?

·         What type of support systems will you need in your daily life to stay challenged, focused and healthy?

Find Great Options for GAP Year

There are various established programs that you can choose run by very reputable organizations which guarantee you a top-notch quality experience. One of the best options is Involvement Volunteers International or IVI. You can check out it at http://www.volunteering.org.au/gap-year.html where you can find great options including volunteer India programs.

Choose the Right Program

This is final step that you need to pass through and you will be on your way to an exciting Gap Year. Choose a program that offers good quality and enforces strict  standards for quality and safety for participants. Do extra research and read reviews in order to ensure you are making the right choice.

Choosing a Hotel in Ploenchit

Are you traveling to Bangkok for business or pleasure? Experts suggest that you must stay in a location which is very convenient to access so as to make your travel within the city comfortable and easy. When talking about convenience, you may want to stay in a hotel in Ploenchit as it is located in the heart of the city, making it easier for you to access different amenities and attractions. Not only that, you can also access train stations, connect to MRT and take short walks, along with access to shopping malls, fine-dining restaurants, and numerous cafes.

Furthermore, the hotels in the area are situated in a quiet and peaceful setting and are great for those who want to relax and unwind. Hence, staying in a hotel in Ploenchit is the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Different Rooms in the Hotel

When you book a hotel in Ploenchit, you get the chance to book a room of your choice as well as facilities you need that would suit your budget. There are different room categories that you can choose ranging from superior rooms, deluxe rooms, executive suites, governor suites to the presidential suites. All rooms are made of tasteful wood panels, bath taps, patterned carpets and subtle indirect lighting. There is also the presence of wireless network and ergonomic chair that gives you the chance to work comfortably and efficiently. The amenities in the rooms include IP phones, ironing board with iron, IPTV, telephone, hairdryer, minibar and much more.

Moreover, Ploenchit hotels offer superb facilities in all rooms. Whether you choose a deluxe room, a superior room or a suite, you can be assured that you will be treated like royalty.

Different Facilities in the Hotel

Before booking a hotel in Ploenchit, take a look at several amenities it offers such as a lobby, club, swimming pool, spa, fitness center and internet access. Book a hotel that offers most amenities you need during your stay that is also within your budget. Find out what these facilities are for you to plan ahead. Below are basic facilities found in a hotel:

  • In clubs, you get to have complimentary butler services, stocked minibars, complimentary cocktails that are served at a specific time and complimentary club lounge access.
  • The lobby is usually the center of attention for any visitor who checks in at the hotel.
  • The swimming pool is often used for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying a nice good read.
  • The spa and fitness center is a place where you are offered massages, soothing harmonies, facials and much more.
  • Access to a  high -speed Internet connection and modern computers is also a plus so you could complete your work during your stay or get in touch with your loved ones online.

As a guest, you not only enjoy the above amenities, you can also avail discounts which the hotels offers when you book online. You may even be lucky to get a free upgrade for your room.

You may visit http://bangkok.aetashotels.com for more details and other booking inquiries. With their wide selection of comfortable and luxurious accommodation at an affordable price, your stay in Bangkok will surely be memorable.

Enjoy Your Summer Holidays in the Luxurious Noosaville Holiday Accommodations

Getting away from daily activities for a holiday is amazing, and Noosa is a beautiful destination in North Brisbane, which is just a little away from the Sunshine coast. It has some of the best parklands and beaches. It is one of the hidden treasures of sunshine coast that makes available affordable apartments as well as holiday homes for the visitors wishing to enjoy a comforting holiday. Every Noosaville holiday accommodation made available to the visitors is a smart choice as it is offered with special deals on a wide range of properties. The Noosaville accommodations are very luxuriously and spaciously designed apartments, and are a perfect place for families to relax during a holiday.

noosaville holiday accommodation

Vacation in Noosa

Noosaville is a great tourist destination, and one would get to enjoy adventure sports here or even do Jet Ski. The holiday destination has lots in store for visitors to explore and get pleasure from. For instance, there are lots of coffee shops, stylish boutiques and eateries one can visit to enjoy their holidays. The place is admired for having some of the fantastic beaches, and the temperature of the water is perfect all through the year. The setting of this holiday destination is incredible and provides a memorable experience to visitors visiting this fascinating destination.

Accommodations in Noosaville

 Every Noosaville holiday accommodation offered to families visiting this destination is among the best in Australia, and of the right kind. The luxurious resorts are situated in the midst of the natural panorama of the mountains and the cliffs. There are even lodges and budget hotels available for people to stay here in Noosa. There are a lot of holiday houses in Noosa, and one can enjoy a delightful holiday in this destination. The holiday houses are decorated very well and are equipped with modern facilities. The holiday house Noosaaccommodations are the most in demand here. They are featured with facilities like ducted air conditioning, outdoor living area, swimming pool and fully equipped kitchen. It is a fascinating destination where one can enjoy doing a lot of activities like fishing, surfing and boating. Learn more at rw noosa holidays.

There are special holiday homes Noosa wide, which are offered to visitors for stay. Not only that, they are available according to their taste. The holiday homes are architecturally designed and are surrounded by the ocean, offering a great view. These holiday homes are the best place to stay which help to get connected with the nature as these homes are eco inspired and the setting around these homes is idyllic for relaxing and rejuvenating. The holiday homes in Noosa are the best venues for reunion of families and to celebrate a memorable occasion. The holiday homes are stunning locations to spend time with family and enjoy the time with some good wine and food. Mostly, every Noosaville holiday accommodation is very attractive and well maintained. They ensure the visitors have a relaxed stay and make their holidays more pleasurable and delightful.

For more information on the Noosaville accom options, simply log on to the Internet.

Algarve Destination Uncovered

The Algarve is mostly popular for having a Mediterranean climate and exotic beaches and resorts; it’s located in the Southern region of Portugal and is known for being excellent for family escapades. The Algarve does not disappoint given the fact that it is an ideal holiday place even for kids! The summer season particularly offers scores of fun activities in the beaches and marinas ranging from fishing experiences to swimming among others. Trust Algarve Family Attractions for an ideal holiday experience!

Algarve Fun for Kids

There are numerous activities in the Algarve for kids; zoo marine, boat trips, water parks and mini gold are just but a few assortments of the Algarve attractions. The most spectacular attraction of the Algarve is the Zoo marine; you should try this even if you do not travel with your kids. This gives you a rare opportunity to view different bird species, learn about the marine environment, dolphins and sea lions among other marine animals.

Boat trips go down well with kids. They ultimately enjoy boat rides, and riding on the waves on a beautiful horizon is just a priceless experience. Finally, having a barbeque lunch on a private beach graces the whole occasion and for kids, this is entertainment galore.

The Algarve Thrills

The Algarvian hills coupled with the picturesque villages and the sandy beaches provide spectacular scenery; this unique combination is just the best to enjoy with your entire family! Starting the trip from the Algarve hotel, experience a jeep ride to the unique landscape that has hills and the Algarvian villages that grace the entire scenery’s countryside. These family attractions will keep you glued to the Algarve for an entire day!

The village is a complete charm; enjoy liquor and cool music as you interact with the natives from time to time while on holiday. The swimming pools and beaches are just the perfect spots to cool off as you enjoy the marine at the theme park. There are lots of bites at the eateries as you relax before embarking on the remainder of the trip, watch the parrots as you prepare to finally retire to your hotel room.

The Algarvian Sculpture Festival

This is an annual event among the Algarve family attractions that starts in May and ends in October; each year has a unique theme. The event entails forming a sand sculpture made with more than 35,000 tons of sand! This you can enjoy for a few hours both during the day but mostly more enjoyable at night. Lightings are adorable as you enjoy lovely music in the most relaxed environment. Other than the mentioned activities, fitness is not ignored; there are games such as tennis, water gymnastics, volleyball, yoga among others just to keep you fit. The entire experience is complete and purely breathtaking

By and large, family attractions Algarve has today are yours when it comes to holidays. With an array of events, beaches and activities to choose from, you cannot go wrong. Try the Algarve family attractions for an unforgettable getaway experience!